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1908 - 1958

The school began its life at Vaughan and Dalmorton Road, New Brighton as the Higher Elementary School. The building was officially opened on Saturday 18th July 1908 by The Right Hon. Augustine Birrell K.C., M.P. (Secretary of State for Ireland and formally Education). He unveiled a commemoration stone and later in the proceedings, the school door was opened with a Golden Key. There were separate Boys and Girls Departments as well as infant provision.

The school formally opened for instruction on 11th August of that year with 7 staff, 153 Boys and Mr William Charles Simeon Jones taking the position of Principle. The first assembly delivered an address by the Chairman of The Education Committee to the pupils declaring,

 “………..the importance of good character and conduct, and the responsibility to themselves and to others of their efforts to make this School a success”.

The early years at the School enjoyed many celebrations, sporting events and high academic achievements. The first school inspection happened in 1910 with recommendations that a larger premises would eventually be required given the growing rate of the local population and the need to accommodate and stretch future pupils to their full potential.

School Gym

In 1920 the school was renamed the Wallasey Boys Central School moving to Coronation Avenue and became one of the few ‘Technical Schools’ established after the Butler Act of 1944. 

Recognising the potential of the school, Wallasey Education Authority commissioned a new purpose built school to be sited in Mosslands Drive, Wallasey Village. The then ultra modern plate glass building was opened on 27th October 1956 by, appropriately, Sir Harry Pilkington and the modern era began with the new school being named the Secondary Technical School for Boys.

1959 - Present