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Meet your Form Teacher: Mr Adair

"Greeting future year 7s. I’m Mr Adair and I’m a History teacher. I’ll be your form teacher for your time here with us at Mosslands school.  

In my role as your form teacher, I will be responsible for your wellbeing in school. You and the rest of your form will meet with me every day to discuss how the day is going. I’ll usually use this time to discuss current events, philosophy, science, or even just show/read you something I have found interesting. 

Your experience of school in the past few months has likely been a strange one (it definitely has been for me!). I have only been at Mosslands for a year now, so I will know a little bit about how you’re going to feel in September. I need you to know that if there is anything you require of me when you arrive my door is always open. All I’ll need from you in return is to listen and try your best in every class.  

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a wonderful summer!"