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Admission criteria for all-ability community schools

Wirral Schools Admissions Information

Applications for the all-ability schools will be dealt with in order according to the following criteria.

  1. Children who are in care of a local authority.
  2. Children who have a valid medical reason for a specific placement. You must give details on the preference form and this may be checked by a medical officer of the health authority. You need to make it clear why only this school is appropriate for your child’s medical needs.
  3. Pupils who have a brother or sister (including half-brothers and sisters or step brothers and step sisters living in the same household) on roll at the school when it opens in September 2010.
  4. We will then take account of where your child lives. We will give priority to those pupils who live nearest to the school. At this stage we will also take account of other reasons you put forward. If these reasons are strong enough, your child will be given a place above children who live nearer the school.

We use a computer mapping system, based on Ordnance Survey maps, to measure the distance from your home to the school gate nearest to your child’s home using the shortest road route, unless it is possible to use a footpath which we consider a safe walking route.