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Captain 2014/15

Captain was born on 7th June 2014. His Mum is Gemma and Dad is Bart. Bart is Morris’s dad too, which makes them half-brothers.

Captain was Mr Perfect, he was such a good puppy and learnt everything so quickly, he would have made the most wonderful Guide Dog.

However it wasn’t to be, Captain became lame on a number of occasions and was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in both front legs.

Captain was withdrawn from the Guide Dog Scheme and went to a wonderful pet home in the country with my vet and his family. We do manage to meet up regularly however, very often as a surprise for me, when I am taking one of the other pups or one of my cats in for an appointment. This always results in tears, happy ones of course!

Captain on the day he arrived, 29th July 2014. He was 7 weeks old.                      


                        Captain making himself at home in the Faraday House Office, and enjoying the grass at                                    the back of the School.       









Captain with Petal when she visited us in School, and in the car with big half-brother Morris and my stepson Sam, when Morris came for a sleepover.