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Planning and preparing for YOUR FUTURE requires you to be PROACTIVE from an early stage. Mosslands is here to support every student with their career planning. We work in partnership with Anja Koermer, our dedicated independent Career Connect Careers Adviser.  Mrs Rycroft is the teacher responsible for your careers education programme and is also here to support you to achieve your career goals.

Anja is available in school three days per week offering individual guidance appointments, delivering careers sessions and organising careers events that allow our students to explore, aspire and work towards their individual career goals.

If you would like to make a careers appointment for yourself please email Anja directly or request a meeting through your house office.  This offer is open to ALL Mosslands pupils from ALL years. 

What can you expect from a careers meeting?

Anja will treat you with respect and work with you to explore your ideas and goals. Anja will do this by listening to you and talking to you about your interests, motivations and ideas. Anja will not make fun of any of your ideas or dismiss anything you say, but will encourage you to develop a realistic and achievable plan to work towards your goals whatever they may be. Anja will never make a decision for you or push you into something, but will support you in finding opportunities and making plans.

You can have as many appointments as you like whilst in school.

Career choice/career information and advice

Here are some websites that can help you in exploring your career interests further: – please ask Anja or Mrs Rycroft for your registration code              – careers matching quiz  - Job profiles & links to relevant industry websites – You Tube style videos about a wide range of careers – Includes the Buzz Test, which allows you to explore your strengths, motivations and qualities

Remember you can also always speak to Anja, our Careers Adviser in school

Opportunities at 16

Following after taking your GCSEs you have a variety of opportunities in education, employment and training.

Mosslands 6th form offers a variety of Level 2 and Level 3 courses including vocational qualifications, BTECs and A-Level qualifications.

Whilst we believe Mosslands 6th form will offer outstanding further education opportunities to all our current secondary students, we understand that you might also want to explore other opportunities. Anja is here to offer independent and impartial guidance to you when considering your subject choices and education opportunities.

The government has risen the participation age for young people to stay in education up to the age of 18 years old. Following Year 11 students have three options to continue their education in:

  • academic and vocational study at school / college 6th forms,
  • vocational training at further education college
  • trainee- and apprenticeships with employers

To find out more about these options visit the following websites. Also make sure to speak to Anja about your individual situation.

6th form study:

Please see Mrs Danher and Mr Jones for information about Mosslands 6th form offer and visit the 6th form area on this website

Your subject choices have significant impact on your future career and higher education choices. Before making any decision on your Level 3 qualifications please ensure that you have thought carefully and considered your next steps. If you need support please contact Anja to get impartial and independent advice and guidance.

These websites can support you with your decision making: – University guidance/application process              

Apprenticeships and Traineeships:            

Further Education Colleges: - Wirral Metropolitan College - Liverpool Community College - St. Helens College                        - Hugh Baird College - West Cheshire College   - Reaseheath College

Getting involved with the Careers Programme at Mosslands School

Mosslands School and 6th form works closely with local and national employers to prepare our students for employment. We offer our students insight into employment opportunities and industries through visits, talks, workshops, and work experience opportunities.

If you are an individual or company who would like to get involved with Careers at Mosslands, please do not hesitate and contact Anja via email:  or call the school on 0151 638 8131