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Positive about disabled people

Valuing diversity is central to achieving the overall aim of  The Mosslands School. 

Our watchwords are Care, Commitment and Challenge.  We aim to provide a caring, but disciplined and orderly environment for pupils.  We look for a shared commitment by pupils, staff and parents to the value of learning.  We present the challenge of high academic and behavioural standards.   

Here at The Mosslands School: A Technology College we believe that……

  • Every child should have the chance to achieve their full potential, whatever their talent or background.
  • Teaching and learning are inexorably linked: they are valueless alone.
  • We teach children, not lessons, and the children in turn learn.
  • Children learn best when they are taught well, so it follows that each lesson taught must add to the child in some way if it is judged to be good.
  • Effective teaching and learning are underpinned by good behaviour.
  • Through personalised learning we can secure high quality teaching that is responsive to the different ways students achieve their best.

From time to time all students in all schools require a little extra help to enable them to realise their full academic and social potential. At the Mosslands School we have a dedicated team of professionals who are expert in supporting all the students who access support services and programmes, called Student Services. The team is led and managed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team demonstrating the school’s real and deep-seated commitment to helping all its students flourish within an inclusive environment. Mosslands is committed to providing its pupils with a supportive, healthy and safe education. 

Alongside our Accessibility Plan and many other policies, our Disability Equality Scheme is produced to ensure that all discrimination is removed and that all Disabled people, pupils, parents, staff, governors and community users, have full access to the school with discrimination.