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About Us

Michael Faraday

Hard work and focus and determination are the key characteristics of Faraday boys. Renowned for their sporting achievements and academic pursuits, Mosslands boys can consider it an honour to be part of Faraday House.

The house is named after Michael Faraday, who was born over 200 years ago. Faraday was a specialist in electromagnetism- he was one of the most important scientists of his time and conducted lots of break through experiments.

We’re not all amazing scientists in Faraday House but we do share some important things with Michael Faraday.

Why was Michael Faraday special?

Well he started out as an ordinary man- he wasn’t from a family with power or money. His father was a blacksmith. Faraday attended a local school, and he had a love of books and learning; he read and studied hard and as an adult, because he had worked hard, he was able to follow his love of science.

That’s what we admire- his hard work and his focus and determination to follow the career of his choice- and that’s what secondary school is about- working hard and taking the right steps to make sure that you have choices and opportunities to fulfil your dreams and ambitions. 

Being a member of Faraday House is a privilege, something you can be proud of. You will take part in inter-house sports, cooking challenges and competitions.  

Our Team

The Faraday team consists of:

Mr LeNormand: Head of Faraday House
Mr Bird:  Assistant Head of Faraday

Guide dogs logo

Mrs Morgan: Assistant Head of House
Mrs Kemp: Pastoral Support Manager
Captain the pup: Pastoral Trainee Guide Dog

The humans will be there to support and guide you through; to share your successes and to help you set things sorted if things are difficult. Barney, who we are training to be a guide dog is the Faraday mascot and of course a reminder that our key charity is Guide Dogs. Captain is available for grooming playing with and strokes, by arrangement with Mrs Kemp! 

Faraday boys are smart, friendly, resourceful and hardworking, the Faraday tie has a yellow stripe and the badge is framed with yellow stitching. Yellow is a sunny colour, with positive associations and of course gold is the colour of winners!

The House Office can be contacted during school hours on 0151 638 8131, ext 106,116,  or 124 or by email at

Mr Le Normand, 2013-14