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GCSE Separate Science

The Separate Science option allows students with an interest and aptitude in Science to access three separate GCSE qualifications in biology, chemistry and physics.

For GCSE biology, chemistry and physics students gain an insight into what is involved in being a practitioner of science, how scientists develop scientific understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit and how these understandings can be applied to the benefit of humanity.

Qualification: GCSE

QAN Code Biology: 600/1167/1

QAN Code Chemistry: 600/1356/4

QAN Code Physics: 600/1172/1

Level: 2

Exam Board: OCR

All three qualifications consist of 7 taught modules, each of which provides an opportunity for further developing an understanding of science explanations, how science works and the study of elements of applied science, with particular relevance to professional scientists.

Opting for separate sciences at GCSE provides the breadth of knowledge necessary to study Biology, Chemistry or Physics at A-level. 


Subject content and ideas about science for each specification is assessed through 3 unit examinations. Units 1 and 2 assess modules 1 – 3 and 4 – 6 respectively and are both worth 25% of the final qualifications. Unit 3 assesses module 7 of the specifications and is worth 25% of the final qualifications.

The practical component for biology, chemistry and physics is worth 25% of each qualification and is carried out under controlled conditions in school time. 

Other Information:

Science is a compulsory subject at key stage 4. Students with either take the science or separate science pathway. For students on the separate science pathway, they will complete 3 separate GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics.