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Year 7- The Measly Middle Ages!

“The Measly Middle Ages tells you what life was really like in days of old when Knights were bold, women wore tall pointy hats and the peasants were revolting.”

You’ll find about the dreaded Black Death, why children drank beer and famous limb chopping doctors.

Possible trips for Year 7 include: Conwy castle, York and Warwick Castle

Year 8- The Terrible Tudors and the Slimy Stuarts

“The Terrible Tudors gives you all the grizzly details of Tudor life for everyone- from cruel Kings and Queens, to poor peasants and common criminals.”

You’ll find out about terrible Tudor torture and why Henry VIII thought he’d married a horse.

“The Slimy Stuarts tells you the foul, funny and fascinating facts about life for everyone in Stuart times.”

You’ll learn why some Stuarts ate toads, snails and fleas. Find out the gruesome truth about ghastly Guy Fawkes and the tragic tales of women accused of witchcraft.

Possible trips for Year 8 include: Speke Hall, Quarry Bank Mill and Chester.

Year 9- War, War, War!

“War, War, War looks at the dreadful wars that affected everyone. From the suffering soldiers in the muddy, bloody trenches to Mrs Higginbottom’s house two doors down, no one was safe!”

You’ll find out how sniffing your own urine could save your life in a gas attack and how the Nasty Nazis were finally defeated.