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GCSE Humanities

What will you learn about?

The course concentrates on 4 Humanities subject areas, which are split into 4 units.

Qualification: GCSE

QAN code: 500/4573/8

Level: 1 & 2

Exam Board: WJEC

Unit 1: Human perspectives on the environment

This unit is based largely on environmental and geographical perspectives.

Unit topic: Patterns and Places;

  • How can the distribution and growth of the world’s population be explained? 
  • How do extreme climatic events affect people?
  • What impact do natural disasters have on people and society?
  • What are the causes and effects of urbanisation?
  • What patterns can be seen in UK cities?
  • How do social and environmental factors affect the lives of people living in cities?
  • What factors are bringing about change to the world’s climate?
  • What are the likely effects of climate change for people and societies?
  • How should people and society respond to climate change?

Unit 2: Human perspectives on the past

This unit studies a society that has undergone a period of change in recent times.

Unit topic: Society in change: the USA, 1945-1975

  • Why do countries quarrel?
  • How are the lives of ordinary people affected by global events?
  • How can attitudes in society affect the conduct of conflict?
  • Why is there a need for racial equality?
  • How can protest movements affect attitudes in society?
  • How do the attitudes of some groups influence the nature of their protest?
  • How do political and economic conditions help to bring about increased prosperity?
  • How important are political events in influencing people and society?

Unit 3: Human perspectives on beliefs and rights

This unit is based largely on religious, spiritual and moral perspectives.

Unit topic: Christianity and contemporary lifestyles

  • What are the main beliefs and teachings that underpin Christian attitudes?
  • What are the main features of Christian worship?
  • How do Christians express their beliefs?
  • How do Christian churches interact with the local community?
  • How does Christianity impact on the day-to-day lives of individuals and families?
  • How does poverty impact spiritually and morally on Christians today?
  • What are the Christian approaches to the issue of racism in Britain today?
  • How can the Christian faith be reconciled with advancing technology?

Unit 4: Tourism, travel and leisure

This unit will focus on coursework and consider a contemporary theme.

Unit topic:

  • What factors have led to changing patterns of leisure since 1945?
  • How can the development of leisure and tourism lead to cultural change?
  • What are the challenges facing modern society as a result of changing leisure patterns?


  • Unit 1: A written paper (1 hour) worth 25% of the final grade – End of Year 11
  • Unit 2: A written paper (1 hour) worth 25% of the final grade – End of Year 11
  • Unit 3: A written paper (1 hour) worth 25% of the final grade – End of Year 11
  • Unit 4: A controlled assessment which is worth 25% of the final grade.