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Independent Skills

You will benefit from developing as an independent learner, so that you are well equipped to make good progress in school, and later on in life. Both the school and your parents will be expected to support your development. It is your responsibility to engage fully with the opportunities made available to you. This will mean taking a full part in lessons and accepting responsibility for your own progress, as well as making the most of opportunities outside of the classroom.

This might include:

• Taking part in extra-curricular activities at lunch time and/or after school.

• Making use of exam preparation materials in your own time to help maximise your performance by developing a better exam technique.

• Completing additional tasks set by your teacher to support or enhance your learning in that subject.

• Ensuring that you are well prepared for the next lesson by reviewing your understanding of work from the previous lesson.

• Working with friends to test each other on your understanding of a topic.

• Taking part in any additional support sessions to develop key skills or subject knowledge.

• Participating in organised activities outside of school, such as Scouts, Sea Cadets or a sports team.

• Making sure that you read regularly and at a level appropriate to your current ability (your English teacher will be able to advise you of this).

Remember: It’s your life, choose to make a difference.