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International Links

Mosslands Current Projects

We have forged many links with international schools. 

Erasmus Project – Commemorating the First World War and its effects on our local environments.

Countries involved – France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Portugal.

4 students and 2 staff have visited France, Italy,Poland and Germany. 3 Staff have also visited Romania. Mosslands will host students and staff from partner schools in October 2016, then subsequent student visits are planned for Portugal and Romania.

British Council Connecting Classrooms – Through the auspices of the Afritwin network, we have partner schools in both South Africa and Namibia. The project has been operating for 6 years with 4 reciprocal staff visits and a Mosslands student visit to South Africa in 2015.

Lefevre Trust Project – Looking at the links between sport, healthy living and nutrition. 20 boys from Mosslands are staying with families in Antibes, France in June 2016, with a return visit by the French students planned for February 2017.

Mosslands Ski Trip to Les Orres, France – Jan 2017 – 44 students will take part in this joint sports and cultural trip to the UCPA facility where they will mix with French students and sample French culture as well as enjoy ski training.

Other educational trips that have taken place in the last 12 months – Year 9 PE/football tour to the Netherlands and the History/geography trip to Rome.

Cultural Information Exchange – Palestine and China

We have 2 links in China 1) Shaxi Experimental Middle school (Taicang) in Jiangsu province which Mr Whiteley visited last year and 2)  a new link school in the area of Chengdu in Western China which is renowned for its Giant Panda Sanctuaries.

We also have a new link school which is in Bethlehem (Palestine) which is the Aida Basic Boys' School. It is administered by the UN and established to serve the Aida refugee camp.  Cultural information exchanges are taking in the areas of Education, Social and the Environment. 

Future Projects

Erasmus Project – A new Erasmus project has been submitted involving partner schools in France, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Poland. The project will look at cultural diversity with a focus on immigration and its contribution to our societies.