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Literacy Support

What is literacy?                                                                                                                                      

Literacy is the ability to read, view, write, design, speak and listen in a way that allows you to communicate effectively. The power of literacy lies not just in the ability to read and write, but rather in your capacity to apply these skills to connect, interpret and understand the world in which you live.

Why is literacy so important?                                                                                                              

Research has proved that people with good literacy skills are more likely to have higher self-esteem, better health, better jobs and higher wages than those with poor literacy skills. They are more able to take advantage of the opportunities that life may offer them.

Some ways to develop your literacy skills

  • If you are in Year 7 and 8 make sure that you get involved with the Accelerated Reader scheme in our school. Read books, take fun quizzes and be rewarded for taking part.
  • Reading is for everyone - visit your school or local library and read a range of books. They can be fiction, non-fiction. It really doesn’t matter.
  • Try to read and view a variety of texts such as newspapers, novels, comics, magazines, websites, email and timetables
  • Talk to your friends, your teachers and your family about things that you have read or viewed that were amusing, interesting or useful.
  • Talk to your friends, your teachers and your family about favourite authors, producers, directors or illustrators and what you like about them.
  • Discuss new and unusual words or phrases and explore these through print and electronic dictionaries.
  • Play games that develop knowledge and enjoyment of words – Scrabble, Word Up, Boggle or Hedbanz.
  • Download fun apps, for example Words with Friends, Letterpress, WELDER, Spell Tower.

Some Useful Websites

Recommended Reads