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Pastoral Hub

Welcome to The Patoral Hub

Here at The Mosslands School our pupils are the most important members of our community. For us it is important that they begin their day well prepared, personally motivated and in a positive mind set to manage the day ahead of them.  In order to assist with this we have a dedicated team of pastoral staff on hand to speak with the students and assist them in whichever way that we can.  We are committed to making the difference for all of our young people and the aim is to produce well rounded pupils who are not only prepared for the daily challenges that their lessons may bring but for our ever-changing world.  We do this by focusing on the personal, social and academic aspects of education, which will in turn drive them to reach their potential and achieve true excellence.

At The Mosslands School, pastoral care is a priority and for the last 20 years has been considered to be a major strength of the school.  We know that pupils blossom under the caring eyes of all staff, growing in personality and performance as part of a thoroughly happy community of learning. Here at the Pastoral Hub we pride ourselves in offering support, encouragement, a listening ear and personable approach at all times. In addition, we want our pupils to feel safe and happy.

Meet the Pastoral Hub Team


Mr Ray Sinclair, Miss Kate Jones, Mrs Lynda Horgan

We work hard to create and sustain strong and effective partnerships with parents and carers as we believe they are an integral part of our school community. Parental input is valued and encouraged. We offer opportunities throughout the year for parents and carers to come into school to discuss their child’s progress.

A mutually supportive relationship between students, parents/carers and staff is the key to our pupils’ academic success and sense of well-being.  Our policy is to keep parents/carers informed as fully as possible and where issues occur, parents/carers are involved at an early stage.

If you feel that you need to speak with a member of the team please do so via the following contacts:

Dial 0151-638-8131 followed by the relevant extension number...

Mr Ray Sinclair Director of Pastoral Care ext 112
Miss Kate Jones Assistant Pastoral Leader ext 110
Mrs Lynda Horgan Pastoral Administrator ext 124