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Religious Studies

Year 7

The programme of study in year seven adresses questions surrounding the existence of God, how and why people worship, rituals from the world's major religions and the Big Story in the Bible. In term two we focus on issues of Religion, Peace and Justice. We focus on Maria Cristina Gomez and the anti Apartheid movement in South Africa. In the Summer term an in depth study about Siddartha Gotama and Buddhism takes place.

Year 8

The year eight programme of study in Religious Education this year has encouraged pupils to think about who gives the best advice, seeking guidance from religious leaders, secular figures and the media. We have investigated places and reasons for going on a Pilgrimage, the Crucifixion of Jesus, the life of Martin Luther King and racial segregation in the USA. In the Summer term pupils will undertake an extended study about places of worship from two different religions and produce a ?blog? about their experiences.

Year 9

The year nine programme of study in Religious Education includes three main strands of enquiry. Pupils have investigated the different factors that shape the identity of groups and individuals. These have included personal appearance, relationships, decisions and religious beliefs. We have looked at how people from different religions view death and how differing beliefs about life after death influence the funeral process. In the Spring term, pupils will address the concepts of moral and natural suffering and how this affects a person?s belief in God. In the Summer term, pupils will begin six units of work addressing Philosophy and Ethics in preparation for GCSE Religious Studies.