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Rewind Conclusion

Rewind Project Timeline Poster

When we formally began the project some people were extremely enthusiastic about the initiative and others somewhat dubious. The main doubt came from those who dismissed that the school could possibly be 100 years old. We didn’t understand at first but slowly we came to appreciate that due to numerous sites, names and types of school changes, some people had a fierce allegiance with the school as they knew it and had never had to recognise it as one and the same. This allowed us to appreciate the importance of, not only the factual, historical elements, but also the significance of representing the school and its community through its many guises and proving the Timeline. Once we started project activities such as our Open Days, this gave everybody a chance to meet the Team, experience the care and commitment of all involved and view the evidence! For the young people, their positive comments mainly concerned the use of industry standard equipment, meeting people they would not normally interact with and being part of the Celebration Event. Many also talked for the first time with family at home about their school days. The older generations commented on the professionalism, quality and admiration of the work by the project Team. For both young and old, the Project gave a chance to chat and realise that they have more in common with each other than first thought.


We have a number of plans for our exit strategy; depositing the archive collection with Wirral Archives so valuable documents donated to us can be preserved appropriately, displaying all the artwork around the school so members and visitors can see, keeping links with new friends within our community, depositing copies of our book and DVD with local libraries and  encouraging young people to pursue further ideas for future heritage work. Many comments were made concerning a specific web-site dedicated to the project outcomes and timeline which we would like to investigate. 


We have discovered and shared the history of the Mosslands School with current and past associates and our community, notably at the Celebration Event, unveiling the timeline and showings of the REWIND film. A perfect project to record our Centenary Celebrations.


“Thank You to all involved!”