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Rewind Project

The story of our project began when we realised The Mosslands School was due to celebrate its 100th year....or so some thought. There were many conflicting opinions as to whether it was actually a centenary or a 50 year birthday. We knew the current building on Mosslands Drive was constructed about fifty years ago but we had no definite dates.

During our initial investigation it was obvious how little archive material was available, not only within  the school, but locally in our libraries and archive service. We didn’t even know all of the names and dates of Head Masters who had led the school. We held a 5 day feasibility study to try and establish a 100yr time-line which was investigated by 10 pupils and 2 external facilitators. These Time-Line sessions were not very fruitful but we persevered.

The students observed that the adults (teachers) during the timeline sessions, coming to tell their tales and reminisce of times gone by, made the students conclude the way to find our missing past could be to record oral histories as people love to talk. Also, some of the children found trailing through notes and newspaper cut-outs alone difficult and 'boring'. Recordings alone though would not be enough to sustain the younger generations for a period of time. More variety of activities to entice a wider range of participants, with differing abilities, were needed. Although the Young People initially had no idea the school would be celebrating its 100th birthday, those who were involved in the feasibility study led the way in shaping the possibility of taking it further. Creating a film from the recorded histories came from some students who weren't even taking part in the study but the idea seemed to hit the right note with everybody - especially the idea of a premier' type of event.

The fact so many people were very positive towards us and offering their endorsement was extremely encouraging and validated our belief in this project. The general 'buzz' within those involved during preliminary brainstorming sessions led to a name, derived from using words such as 'research', rediscover', 'redefine'..."REWIND". Having a Project name established a personality and feel to our project and began to generate an exciting atmosphere. Two sixth formers (who have now actually left the school this year) worked on a logo to give to the project. We wanted our project to be this infectious and interesting.

So, with a bag of ideas and heaps of enthusiasm, we just needed the help and support to fulfill our ambitions. We applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund and waited to hear if we had been successful with our application for funding.

Project Feedback Rewind Heritage Fund Press Release Rewind Poster
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