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Sicily March 2015

Report on the Erasmus Sicily Trip March 2015/ Mosslands School


The Erasmus trip was a real adventure. Paul, the boys and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience on Sicilian soil, where we were greeted by extremely welcoming staff and host families, who took great care of us.

The families were very nice and well organised as they came to pick up our boys on time, two days in advance. The first handshakes

were slightly awkward but when they dropped them again a week later, tears were flowing as the Sicilian mothers were refusing to let their English sons go.

It is fair to say that the activities were well organised and that we immersed ourselves pretty quickly into the Italian culture, the boys mixed up very quickly with other pupils from other countries and were quick to exchange contacts. To this day, they are still in contact and some are planning to go back in the summer as they have already been invited.


The highlight of the adventure was the trip to Italy, where we walked on the most beautiful promenade of southern Italy, just after seeing two of the most ancient Greek statues in the world.



The location in Cefalu, a famous little town where they shot ‘CINEMA PARADISO’ twenty years ago, was perfect. We loved the fact that it was not ‘your average touristy’ town, but a real place with a true Sicilian spirit. The staff, especially Rosalba and Mechi, were very welcoming and helpful and you could tell they cared about sharing their values with other Europeans.

The Erasmus trip was simply an overwhelming experience, an eye opener for staff and a life changer for our boys, some of whom had never been on a plane before or even eaten real continental food in their life.


During that trip, we crossed Sicily from Catania, visited Palermo and its Cathedrals, tried their food, drunk some fresh olive oil, had pasta every day, saw museums, laughed in different languages, got lost in translation, walked a lot and saw a lot and eventually came back full of good memories and willing to go again.


Mr Le-Normand