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Student Council

The Mosslands School has always tried to emphasise the importance of cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders. An important part of this is the involvement of our students in decision making processes which is exercised through the School Council.

Structure of the School Council

Each form elects a representative who gathers concerns, opinions, and views on a range of issues. Prior to each meeting the representatives receive an agenda in order to discuss matters arising with their form group.

The student Council meets once each half term to discuss a wide variety of issues and agree on their priorities for action and decision making. Minutes of these meetings are forwarded to members of staff and senior leaders to inform them about the views of the students.

Throughout the year the Headteacher and other members of staff forward items for the students to consider often relating to the running of the school. In the past the student council have made decisions with regards to our reward day activities and how additional funding is spent to help improve the school environment. Recently Council Members met with a representative of Wirral council to discuss how we can become more eco-friendly and how we can save money for the school.

Being a member of the school council provides an opportunity for students to become active members of the school community and enables them to play a vital role in the schools future.