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Travel and Tourism

About the course:

The travel and tourism sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the amount of travel undertaken by individuals for both leisure and business purposes continuing to increase.

The specification is designed to provide an all-round introduction to the travel and tourism sector for those who wish to further their careers in one of its many connected industries, including retail travel, visitor attractions, accommodation, transport, tour operations and customer service.

What will you study?

The proposed units of study are:

Level 3 Certificate (equivalent to an AS)

Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to an A Level)

Investigating the T&T Sector.

The Business of Travel & Tourism.

The UK as a destination.

 European Destinations.

Customer Service in T&T.

 Long Haul Destinations.

How it will be assessed:

The course is 100% coursework. A variety of assessment methods are used within the units, including project work, group work, oral presentations, displays, booklets, role-plays and individual research.

What is expected of you?

To ensure successful completion of the course you must attend all lessons and complete all tasks set.

As the course is 100% coursework it is vitally important that you are able to organise your time in order to meet deadlines.

The title of the course is BTEC Level 3 Certificate/Subsidiary Diploma in Travel and Tourism. The certificate achieved at the end of Lower 6th is worth up to 28 UCAS points and the Subsidiary Diploma achieved at the end of Upper 6th is worth up to 56 UCAS points.

What it prepares you for:

The travel & tourism sector continues to grow at a rapid pace. This course will enable you to broaden your skills and knowledge in an area which is one of the fastest growing sectors for jobs in Merseyside.

Typical areas of employment include:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product Development
  • I.T.

Qualification details:

BTEC Level 3 Certificate & Subsidiary Diploma.

Level 3 Certificate is achieved at the end of Year 12 and is equivalent to one AS Level worth up to 28 UCAS points.

The Subsidiary Diploma is achieved at the end of Year 13, is equivalent to one A-Level and is worth up to 56 UCAS points.

Entry Requirements:

You will need to have achieved at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above.

Further Information:

Feel free to speak to any of the following:

Mrs. Danher – Director of Sixth Form – Head of Year 13 / Room D13

Miss. Jones – Assistant Head of Grenfell House / Room D12

Mrs. Rycroft – Room D15

Mr. Walker – Room D11