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Womble 2015

Womble was born on 30th January 2015. His Mum is Jasmine and his Dad is Yogi.

In the Summer of 2015 the little pup we should have been getting failed his 6 week assessment, he was deemed too nervous to make a good Guide Dog. I was worried that we would be dogless when School began in September.

However Womble was in the Guide Dog kennels in Manchester after being returned by his puppy walker who, due to family circumstances, couldn’t keep him anymore.  Womble came to us when he was 6 months old, he was a lovely dog but I soon found out that he had problems.

To begin with I found out he didn’t like stairs or steps, up or down, and he didn’t like some doorways either. I worked very hard with him and eventually had him doing all the stairs in School and outside. I became hopeful about his future.

However a couple of months later he appeared to have a panic attack halfway up a flight of stairs and although on most stairs he was ok, he just wasn’t reliable enough to be a Guide Dog. He was withdrawn.  He now lives in a perfect home, in the country, in North Wales.

 Womble meets Captain

Womble meets Morris

 Womble doing stairs and going on the train which involved stairs too!!

Womble had a liver cake made by Alex too, as a leaving present.

Relaxing on the grass in school.