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Year 10 Mandarin

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit(s) of work

Home Study

Autumn 1

Hobbies, sports, expressing simple opinions

Use of appropriate verbs; different question types (yes/no; what; who)

Jinbu Chapter 3


Go Chinese Chapter 3 units 1-5


You tube Growing up with Chinese lesson 24,25,32

Forming sentences with time expressions (word order)

Writing poster or leaflet (level 3/4)

End of unit assessment level 3-4  (S/L/R/W)

Autumn 2

School life (subjects; timetable; my class; places in school)

Jinbu Chapter 4


Go Chinese Chapter 4 units 1-4; Quizlet

You Tube: Growing up with Chinese Lesson 20; 7;  BBC Chinese School (6 episodes)

Using at (location); relative locations (left, right, opposite)

End of unit assessment (S/L/R/W level 4)

Christmas in China; Chinese festival food

Spring 1

Chinese and Western foods; daily meals; Ordering food and drinks

Jinbu Chapter 5


Want/would like/measure words – plate, bowl, cup

End of unit assessment – role play level 4 speaking; Reading


Go Chinese Chapter 5 units 1-5

Chinese New Year – important foods at New Year and significance (cultural link)

You tube: Growing up with Chinese 29:

BBC Real Chinese part 4 and 5; You Tube CCTV spring festival gala 2016

Spring 2

Holidays and travel

Jinbu 2 Chapter 1

Workbook 2

Weather, language, places to visit, transport, completed actions, past experience

Go Chinese jinbu 2 Chapter 1 unit 1-5

End of unit assessment – R/W/ L         


Summer 1

My local area - my town; my house; meeting friends; weekend plans

Jinbu 2 Chapter 2&3


Describing amenities and rooms; comparing places; seasons; nearby/far from; locations; relative place words in sentences (word order)

Go Chinese Chapter 2 unit 2; Chapter 3 unit 1-4


Summer 2

CA writing assessment – Foundation level “my local area”

Writing Assessment

Comparing my town to partner school’s town

Partner school activity