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Year 11 

Half Term

Unit of Work

Home Study Tasks

Autumn 1


(Literature Paper 1)

1 Research and learn key themes

2 Character profiles of 2 characters

3 Newspaper article on a key event

4 Learn and memorise key quotes

5 GCSE question set by teacher

6 GCSE question set by teacher

Autumn 2

Literature Poetry

Power and Conflict Anthology

1 Revise and learn poetic devices

2 Write a narrative story based on a poem from the anthology.

3 Revision poster for one poem

4 Presentation on one poem

5 Comparative table of two poems

6 Practice GCSE question

Spring 1

Revision of Language Paper 1

1 Revise key terminology for P1

2 Practice GCSE Questions

Spring 2

Revision of Language Paper 2

1 Revise key terminology for P2

2 Practice GCSE Questions

Summer 1

Revision of Literature Set Texts

Re-read and Revise

  • 19th Century Novel
  • Shakespeare Text
  • Modern Text

Summer 2

GCSE Final Examinations Begin

Independent Revision