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Year 7 - Spanish

Curriculum Delivery Map- Spanish Year 7 2019-20

Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Home Study Task

Autumn 1


Research 10 Facts about Spain.

Label the map of Spain with the cities

Research which countries speak Spanish.

Autumn 2

Describing self & family

Create 10 quiz questions and answers based on what you have learnt so far

Make your family tree and label it in Spanish. You could draw pictures or use photos.

Create an about me poster in Spanish about yourself

Spring 1

Describing others

Make an advert to sell your bro/sis/cousin on e-bay.

Make a wanted poster.

Revision for end of unit test

Spring 2

Opinions & Free-time

Make flashcards to remember the opinions.

Complete the worksheet on free-time in Spanish.

Revise for end of unit test

Summer 1

Present tense & Free time

Make a verb flower or something of your own choice to help you remember the present tense endings.

Complete the worksheet on sports in Spanish.

Revise for end of unit test

Summer 2

Revision & Art project

Revise for end of year test.

Research Spanish artists and Spanish art museums.

Describe a piece of art in Spanish using the vocabulary we have learnt.