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Year 9

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Disciplinary Knowledge Focus

Year 9

Autumn 1

The First World War

Why did the First World War begin?

Cause and consequence

Why did Alan Clark call the British generals ‘donkeys’?


Autumn 2

How similar were the experiences of “forgotten armies” during WW1?

Similarity and difference

Women’s fight for the vote

Does Millicent Fawcett deserve her statue in Parliament Square?


Spring 1

Causes of the Second World War

What’s the story behind Chamberlain’s ‘piece of paper’?

Primary sources

The Second World War

How did the media influence Merseysiders’ experience of World War Two?

Primary sources

Spring 2

The Holocaust

How did the Nazis change anti-Semitism?

Change and continuity

Were the German people “Hitler’s willing executioners” during World War Two?


Summer 1

The British Empire and Indian Independence

Why did India gain independence in 1948?

Cause and consequence

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Parallel Histories: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Primary sources

Summer 2

Britain after WW2

What has the most significant change in Britain been since World War Two?


Summing up KS3 History

What stories can we tell about British history?

Change and continuity