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Year 9

Half term

Unit(s) of work

Home study

Autumn 1

Introduction to the course and Unit 1 Enterprise in the Business World


Legal Structures and Ownership

  • Look at some local businesses and create a table describing what type of ownership structure they have
  • Using a TV programme (e.g. Coronation Street), identify different types of businesses portrayed and identify their respective legal structure and ownership type
  • Using a map of the local area and identify and colour code the different types of businesses and their legal structures / ownership

Autumn 2

Business Aims and Objectives




  • Make a list of aims and objectives about yourself
  • Write five SMART objectives that you want to achieve by the end of this course
  • Choose 2 PLC’s and 2 Ltd’s and find out what their aims and objectives are

Business Location

  • Write a page about why you think location is (or isn’t) important to a business
  • Using a map of the local area and identify and colour code the different types of businesses

Spring 1

Functional Areas of Businesses

  • Find out why large businesses have more functional areas than smaller ones
  • List the different functional areas within either Tesco or Amazon and for each identify 2/3 roles that the area is responsible for

Business Communications

  • Make a list of as many different types of communication you can think of and give examples of how and when they could be used
  • Write a business letter either inviting a candidate for interview or letting a candidate know that they have been un / successful for a job

Spring 2

External Influences on Business

  • List as many different external influences on business that you can find and break your list down by sector (primary, sector and tertiary)
  • Come up with a list of external factors related to Brexit that you think may affect businesses in the UK and explain the reasons why
  • Create a questionnaire and ask 5 local business owners what they feel are the most significant external factors that affect them and their business.  Present your findings as a report

Summer 1

Impact of Local and National Factors on Business

  • Write an explanation of the difference between a local and national factor and give some examples
  • Choose a local business, identify 3 local and 3 national factors on this business and explain the reasons why

Summer 2

Social, Technological, Environmental and Ethical Trends that affect Business

  • Using the Office of National Statistics website look at how the age, gender and employment status of people On the Wirral has changed since 1981
  • Using the McDonalds website identify the environmental strategies they have introduced and explain what impact this has had on the company (make sure you include relevant evidence to support your reasons)
  • Create a revision poster for this topic area