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Year 9 German

Curriculum Map

Starting language with no prior language

Half term

Unit(s) of work for Year 9

Home Study for Year 9

Autumn 1

German Basics topics including personal info, numbers, birthdays, alphabet, family, interests

Basic grammar – Subject pronouns, Present Tense verb formation, gender, singular & plural, adjective agreements, word order

Page references below are from the AQA-linked German GCSE text book

  1. Quizlet Basics - Numbers 1-10, numbers11-21, counting in 10’s to 100
  2. Quizlet Basics - Days, months,seasons
  3. Quizlet Basics - Family members
  4. Write a paragraph about siblings and pets based on p18-19.
  5. Quizlet 1.1G Meine Familie und Haustiere (p18-19) (Family & Pets)
  6. Introduce 3 well-known people: names, ages, towns/countries,birthdays

Autumn 2

Start of Theme 1 - Identity and Culture

Unit 1 - Me, my family and friends

  1. Write a paragraph based on p20-21 about family relationships.
  2. Quizlet 1.1F In meiner Familie (p20-21)

Relationships with family and friends

  1. Preparation of interview answers on family (p21, 8 responses)

Personal relationships

  1. Write a paragraph about future relationship/marriage plans (p22-25)
  2. Quizlet 1.2G Willst du heiraten? (p22-23) (Marriage 1)
  3. Quizlet 1.2F Heiraten oder nicht? (p24-25) (Marriage 2)

Spring 1

Unit 2 – Technology in everyday life

Online communications & uses of social media

  1. Quizlet 2.1G Soziale Medien 1+2 (p30-31)
  2. Write a paragraph based on p30-31 about preferences and uses of social media.

Spring 2

Advantages/disadvantages of mobile technology

Uses of mobile technology

  1. Writing extended sentences using ‘wenn’ (when) and ‘weil’ (because) (p33)
  2. Quizlet 2.1F Bist du Facebook-Fan? 1+2 (p32-33)
  3. Quizlet 2.2G Mein Handy ist meine Welt 1+2 (p34-35)

Summer 1

Unit 3 – Free time activities

TV, music and films

Hobbies / leisure

  1. Quizlet 3.1 TV show types (MDW)
  2. Keep a diary of what you did in the space of a week in your spare time (past tense)
  3. Quizlet 3.1G Freizeit macht Spaß! 1+2 (p48-49)
  4. Quizlet 3.1F Musikfan oder Filmfreak? (p50-51)

Summer 2

Food and meals

  1. Design a healthy eating booklet
  2. Quizlet Food and Drink items MDW
  3. Quizlet 3.2G Essen und Trinken - zu Hause und auswärts 1+2 (p52-53)

Different cuisines and eating out

  1. Design flyers for 3 different types of restaurant
  2. Quizlet 3.2F Wo wollen wir essen? (p54-55)

Sport and personal preferences

  1. Design a week-long sport/exercise plan for a teenage summer camp
  2. Quizlet 3.3G Sporttreiben ist das Beste! (P56-57)
  3. Quizlet 3.3F Sport - für alle? 1 (p58-59)
  4. Quizlet 3.3F Sport - für alle? 2(p58-59)