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Year 9 Mandarin

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit(s) of work

Home Study

Autumn 1

Understanding how Mandarin works (pinyin, tones, characters) How to write and methods for remembering characters; 10 building block characters

Jinbu Chapter 1 Workbook


Greetings; I am called; what are you called? I/you/he/she; Numbers (1-100); I am 13; how old are you?; months; dates    End of unit assessment R/W/L (level 1)

Go Chinese Chapter 1 units 1-5


The Moon Festival. Famous places in China. Introducing colours; writing with a brush

BBC Real Chinese videos  units 1-2

Autumn 2

When is your birthday?; my/your/his/her’s; days of the week

Jinbu Chapter 2 workbook

Describe who is in my family; Describe my pets; animals I like/dislike

 End of unit assessment R/W/L/S (level 1 - 2)

Go Chinese Chapter 2 units 1-4; Quizlet

Christmas in China; paper cutting

BBC Real Chinese videos units 3-4

Spring 1

Hobbies (like/can/negatives/who)

Jinbu Chapter 3 and workbook

Chinese New Year – celebrations and beliefs; festival food

Go Chinese Chapter 3 units 1-2; BBC videos unit 6; You Tube Growing up with Chinese lesson 32, 24,25

Chinese pop and TV culture

You Tube China’s Got Talent

Spring 2

Sports – including Reading and writing focus; writing sentences

Go Chinese Chapter 3 units 3-4; Quizlet

Hobbies poster (level 3); End of unit assessment (level 2-3)

Prepare for Assessment

Chinese students and their hobbies; famous Chinese sports heros

Partner school activity

Summer 1

School life; lessons; timetable; describing my class

JB chapter 4 workbook

Go Chinese chapter 3 units 3-4; Quizlet

Summer 2

Make a video introducing my school (assessed task – level 3-4)

You Tube: Growing up with Chinese Lesson 20; 7;

 BBC Chinese School (6 episodes)

End of unit assessment R/W/L  (level 3-4)

Prepare for Assessment

Introducing Chinese food

Design a menu in chinese