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Debate Mate!

As we discover new and fascinating ways to use AI, the human voice is often overlooked. Debate Mate allows students' voices to be heard. Students at The Mosslands School traveled to the launch event in Liverpool, conducting themselves fantastically on public transport and demonstrating their maturity throughout the day.

The launch event kicked off with an eye-opening debate regarding students selecting their own headteacher from a panel of existing teachers. Plenty of students had ideas to contribute, with one of our own students posing the question: "If this were the case, what would be the tenure of the headteacher? Would this incur pay discrepancies?" 

Unfortunately, this question was not the winner of a Nando's voucher - which was a pleasant surprise to all students.

This is what we as a school strive to achieve: students having their say and asking challenging questions. Students having attended the launch said: 

"It's not often you're actually listened to by adults and professionals, but it felt great"
"I can really see myself getting into this"
"He's class! [when referring to an articulate year 8]"

Debate Mate will be running in school every Wednesday from 3:30 - 4:30. Students have the opportunity to speak up and explore topics and ideas constructively in an ever-changing world.

There's a little something before lessons start!