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Feel Good Field Trip

Life is a journey and not a destination! However, Mosslands students and staff did get the opportunity to enjoyment both on a recent whistle-stop tour of London’s Galleries and Museums. Leaving Lime Street everyone enjoyed the comfort and relaxed time spent with each other, courtesy of one of Avanti West's best before undertaking the challenges of transiting London, the Wombles way - overground and underground.  Nine of the student group who went on the visit had never been to London and so it was a privilege to aid them ( and a rite of passage for their first London visit) on their life journey, both physical & metaphysical. So it was a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) visit to the National Gallery, National History Museum, and The Science Museum.

Congratulations to staff and students for leaving their comfort zone at Mosslands and accepting the formidable challenges and stresses that come with visiting London and particularly to our dedicated TA SEND professionals on the visit, guiding the way. It was heartwarming to hear at the end of the day how elated and empowered they felt in aiding students gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.  

To be in the presence of iconic art, in a World renown institution and feel the ambience of a gallery is a little different from viewing on line, just as the experience of standing in front of a giant dinosaur fossil which highlights why “learning outside of the classroom” is so full of positives.  So let’s leave comfort zones and embrace the World and all its opportunities.

Freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men's minds…