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NambiaWe have been successful in finding a partner school in Namibia to join the project and Mr Whiteley is hoping to be able to visit both them and our friends in Simon'sTown in the near future.

In the mean time a group of Mosslands boys are working hard to raise funds for reciprocal visits which will focus on our 'Making the Difference' project.

The project aims at developing our understanding of our environmental impact in a coastal/marine environment as well as encouraging healthy living and participation in outdoor activities. The Afritwin committee have taken part in bag packing at Morrissons in New Brighton and Marks and Spencers,Cheshire Oakes. They have also been busy recyling used clothing and are currently seeking sponsorship from local and national businesses. Our fundraising activities will continue well into the future so any ideas would be gratefully received.

We have also been successful in securing funding for reciprocal teacher visits from the British Council. This is fantastic news as it is an annual grant which should help us to develop our new friendships for many years to come.