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Armed Forces Pathway

The Protective Service Academy - Armed Forces pathway is designed for individuals interested in careers in the; British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Outdoor Education, Fitness Instructors or Sports Coaching.

Mandatory Units
Unit 1: Citizenship and Diversity (Pearson-set)
Unit 2: Behaviour and Discipline in the Uniformed Protective Services
Unit 3: Global Affairs, the Media and the Uniformed Protective Services
Unit 4: Physical Preparation, Health and Wellbeing
Unit 5: Teamwork, Leadership and Communication in the Uniformed Protective Services
Unit 6: Government and the Protective Services
Unit 7: Planning for and responding to Emergency Incidents

Specialised Units
Unit 10: Skills for Outdoor Activities
Unit 11: Expedition Skills
Unit 12: Developing Personal Fitness Programmes
Unit 16: Research Skills
Unit 17: Understanding the Third Sector
Unit 19: Professional Development in the Uniformed Protective Services

More than just a qualification…
At PSA we understand that an education is more than just a completing a qualification that is why
you will take part in our bespoke Health & Fitness and Careers & Personal Development Syllabuses
throughout your time studying with us. These syllabuses are tailored to your specific pathway. Below
you will see an idea of what these syllabuses will cover:

Health and Fitness Careers and Personal Development
Service Specific Fitness Testing
Fitness sessions
Stress and Mental Health
Adventurous Activities
…plus much more…
Duke of Edinburgh Gold
STEM Activities
British Army Look at Life Residential
Educational Trips and Visits
First Aid and Emergency Care Training
Application process for specific services
UCAS application
…plus much more…