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BTEC Science

The Pearson Edexcel course emphasizes scientific literacy. It provides students with the knowledge and understanding they need to engage, as informed citizens, with science-based issues. The Science qualification uses contemporary, relevant contexts of interest to students, which are approached through a range of teaching and learning activities.

Qualification: BTEC First Award

QAN Code: 600/1355/2

Level: 1 & 2

Exam Board: Edexcel

The Principles of Applied Science Award delivers the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study by covering the key scientific principles vital for both scientists and citizens of the future. It develops and exemplifies these principles in applied and vocational contexts, leading to an understanding of how the principles are applied in practice.

The Application of Science Award is suitable for students who have covered the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study. It develops students' understanding of key applications of science, and builds the skills required both for the scientific workplace and for further study. 


In Principles of Science the assessment is primarily coursework based with three units, covering Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The final 25% of the overall grade is determined by an examination in all three areas of science.

In the Application of Applied Science the format is the same as for Principles of Science, however, the exam is on scientific skills rather than on course content.

Other Information:

Science is a compulsory subject at key stage 4.

Students will be advised as to which course they are best suited to follow from BTEC, Science A or Separate Science pathways