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About the course:

Chemistry is an exciting A-level option for those looking for careers in the sciences and engineering The new specification has resulted in a slimmed down assessment structure that takes on board the changes already brought in at GCSE for Science


A Level Chemistry - Year 1

These topics build upon work covered in year 11 and include:

  • The structure of atoms and how atoms join together into larger structures.
  • Energy changes in chemical reactions and the practical results of reversible reactions including equilibria.
  • A study of the elements in groups 2 and 7 of the Periodic Table and how the chemical and physical properties of these elements change within their Groups.
  • The structures and chemical reactions of simple organic (carbon) compounds including hydrocarbons and alcohols.
  • Quantitative chemistry. Including calculating the masses or volumes of substances produced in chemical reactions.


A Level Chemistry – Year 2

The topics covered in year 2 are more demanding and build upon areas covered in year 1.  Topics include:

  • Reaction kinetics, which involves the equations governing the speeds of chemical reactions.
  • Factors affecting equilibria and how these are taken into account in the chemical industry.
  • Acids and bases.
  • The structures and reactions of some more complicated organic (carbon) compounds including aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, benzene and other aromatic compounds.
  • Electrical chemistry.
  • The chemistry of the transition metals, including their reactions, colours and uses.
  • Aspects of biochemistry aimed at helping students wishing to pursue careers in medicine and biosciences.


What is expected of you:

You will be expected to attend all lessons and complete all tasks on time. There is a section on chemical calculations which will require a basic competency in Maths. You will need to cope with the pressure of homework set most lessons and two sets of module exams per year.


What it prepares you for:

Higher Education                                               

  • Veterinary science
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Biological Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Materials Science
  • Dentistry
  • Chemistry



  • Doctor
  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Cancer Researcher
  • Commercial Chemist
  • Research Chemist


Qualification details:

AQA AS/A2 Chemistry

Specification code: 7404 7405

QAN code: AS: 601/5730/6; A-level: 601/5731/8

Entry requirements:

At least 5 grades 7- 9 at GCSE.

7-9 in GCSE Chemistry.

For more information:

Please talk to your Chemistry teacher about the possibility of studying Chemistry in the sixth form, or you may choose to talk to one of the people listed below:

Senior Lead Science Mrs K Weston