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Culinary Skills

Level 2  Certificate in Culinary Skills

About the course:

This course is completed over 2 years with the purpose of providing a qualification that:

• Develops students’ cooking skills.
• Develops the students’ ability to integrate cooking skills in order to produce a variety of dishes.
• Develops the students’ ability to evaluate their own cooking.
• Provides students with the skills required to work in a professional kitchen at a junior level.
• Develops the students’ time management, hygiene, safety and personal appearance skills required of a professional chef.

Subject content

The course is split into 6 modules;

  • 2KHFS Kitchen hygiene and food safety
  • 2PO Prepare and cook meat, poultry and offal
  • 2FAS Prepare and cook fish and shellfish
  • 2VPVP Prepare and cook vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins
  • 2SSS Prepare and cook stocks, soups and sauces
  • 2PRE Prepare and cook pasta, rice and eggs

How will it be assessed:

This qualification is primarily practical in structure; students will have the opportunity to explore cuisine through the preparation and cooking of a range of dishes, which cover the full spectrum of the curriculum and menu structures, enabling students to develop the skills to take their assessments. Students will experience through demonstration and practical work all the key elements of cooking for which they are being assessed. Students will be required to follow professional, safe and hygienic practices at all times.

The module on kitchen and hygiene is assessed with a 20 question multiple choice theory test.

The other 5 modules are practical modules, these are assessed through 2 practical exams and a recipe log portfolio. Students will build an electronic portfolio of evidence which is made up of recipes which have been produced during the length of the course. Recipes should include ingredients, methods, a picture of the completed dish held by the student, students’ notes, assessor’s feedback and unit content covered when making the dish.

As well as completing the Certificate in Culinary skills the pupils will also receive a wider experience of the hospitality and catering industry.

This may include;

  • Trips and work experience in a variety of hospitality and catering settings
  • Completion of basic food hygiene course
  • Experience of budget cooking
  • Wider understanding of healthy eating and nutrition

What is expected of you:

Students are expected to be hardworking and able to work independently, there is expectation that pupils will complete work independently from lessons, which includes some of the recipe write ups. 

Pupils will be expected to work will a full range of food products including meat, offal, fish and seafood, even if pupils do not eat the food due to dietary needs they are expected to take part in the preparation and cooking of the products. We do have suppliers of Halal foods.

What it prepares you for:

This qualification will provide learners with practical experience as well as theory qualifications to enable them to work within the hospitality and catering sectors or to continue onto further apprenticeships and training. It also provides a valuable life skill in preparing and cooking nutritious meals.

Qualification details:

The qualification is a level 2 certificate in culinary skills with the Confederation of tourism and hospitality.

Basic food Hygiene qualification.

Entry requirements:

It is beneficial that pupils have studied the level 1/2 Hospitality and catering course in Year 11 but it is not an essential entry requirement.

For more information:

If you are an internal applicant, please speak to Mrs Lubbe or Mr Jones about the possibility of studying Culinary skills in the sixth form.

If you are an external applicant and would like more details about the course please email