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Ethos and Values

Our core values “Care, Commitment and Challenge” and TRACK values “Teamwork, Respect, Ambition, Community, Knowledge” underpin everything we do.

We work closely with our local primary schools where our pupils regularly act as leaders and mentors, giving up their time to support younger pupils.  We work with our wider community, running the many charity events of which we are so proud. This interaction helps to give our pupils an understanding of the community of which they are a part and to develop their self-confidence and self-worth.  In addition to this we have a well-developed programme of careers information, advice and guidance that sits alongside an extensive personal social and health education curriculum which all combine to give our pupils the best chances in life after school. 

Our curriculum is broad and ambitious; we have opportunities for every pupil to develop their talents. From engineering scholarships to performing arts, no matter where a pupils interests and skills lie, we have pathways that will equip them with the knowledge and skills to progress, not just into post 16 education and training but into university, employment and beyond.

We see education as a partnership between the school, the parents and the pupils; based upon mutual support, good communication and understanding.  We recognise parents’ rights to have high expectations of the school and equally, we ask parents to share our high expectations of pupils.'

TRACK Values; 

  • Teamwork – we expect all members of our community to work together, value the contribution of others and contribute positively to all aspects of school life. 
  • Respect – all members of our community will be tolerant of others, treating them with care and dignity, taking pride in the school and setting high standards for themselves. 

  • Ambition – In everything we do, we have the highest expectations for ourselves and others 

  • Community – Together, through sharing a common purpose, we build a strong sense of belonging and contribute positively to the lives of others. 

  • Knowledge – We have an unswerving commitment to the pursuit of lifelong learning for all as the route to personal development and improved quality of life.