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 What should your son do if...

If he is late?

Your son should report to Reception to get his attendance mark.  He will be given a slip to show the teacher of the next lesson.  If he is late he will be given a 30 minute detention.

If he has a dentist/medical appointment? 

Your son should show the Appointment Card or letter to his Form Tutor and sign out at Reception at the agreed time.

If he loses something? 

Lost property is handed in to the main office or the House Office.  PE Kit to Mr Reed.  All property should be marked with his name.

If he doesn't understand a homework?

He should see his subject teacher, Form Tutor or a friend. He can ask for help via a personal comment on Google Classroom. 

If he forgets his kit or hasn't completed a homework?

Confess!  Explain to your subject teacher before the lesson.

If he gets something confiscated? 

He must see the person who has confiscated the item, to arrange a time for collection.

If he needs to see a first aider? 

First Aid qualified staff are available at all times.  There are signs displayed around the school telling him where the nearest First Aider is located.  House Office staff will direct him if he has a problem.

If he forgets his dinner money/bus fare? 

It is sometimes possible to borrow money from the House Office.  This must be repaid  the following school day.

If he sees a stranger on site? 

Inform a member of staff at once.  All staff wear a school badge, official visitors must wear a visitor badge.