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GCSE French

What will you learn about?

The GCSE French course is designed to build on the basic skills acquired during Key Stage 3.  

The course gives students the opportunity to learn the French language within the context of a number of relevant and interesting settings.

Qualification: GCSE

QAN Code: 500/4569/6

Level: 2

Exam Board: WJEC

These include:

  • Lifestyle: health and relationships
  • Leisure: free time, new technology, shopping, the media and holidays
  • Home & Environment: home, local area and the environment
  • Work & Education: school and future plans

The four skills will be developed in a lively and up-to-date manner using a wide range of resources. Students will develop the ability to communicate effectively in French through both the spoken and written word as well as to develop an understanding of the spoken and written forms of the language and its grammar. They will also develop a knowledge and understanding of France and other French-speaking countries.


The GCSE course is assessed in the four skills that have been assessed at Key Stage 3, namely listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Listening and reading exams are at the end of Year 11 and are based on the knowledge of key vocabulary and other language structures.

Assessment is at two tiers: Foundation and higher with the opportunity to mix tiers across the four skill areas. 60% is controlled assessment of speaking and writing (completed during Years 10 and 11) and 40%, listening and reading exams.

Other information:

This course will provide a suitable foundation for further study, whilst allowing practical use of French.

As part of their studies, students may be offered the opportunity to participate in a study trip to France.

They will also have the opportunity to work closely with a French-speaking Assistant.

A language is recognized as an important element and contributing subject to the English Baccalaureate.