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Mosslands School has a long tradition of using a House system to deliver pastoral care of the highest quality in school.  In a school our size, it gives pupils a sense of belonging and a point of reference and support throughout the day.  One of the real advantages of the house system is that younger pupils have the benefit of experience of older students who are positive role models and they gain in confidence as a result. Pupils are easily identified as belonging to a particular house through the colour of their tie and badge blazer.

There are three houses in the school:

Each house is led by of a team of three; a Head of House, an Assistant Head of House and a Pastoral House Manager but every member of staff in the school, no matter what their role, is also assigned to one of the houses.  There is a continuous presence in the house offices which provide the base for all puplls assigned to that particular house so all pupils know exactly where they can go to with any concern they may have. 

The house system forms the basis for many different competitions ranging from sports competitions to cookery competitions. These take place during lunchtime and after school and help to develop a strong and healthy House spirit and school ethos.  Indeed, house allegiance becomes so strong that many ex-pupils remember their house long after they have left. Celebrity chef and ex-pupil, Simon Rimmer, from the programme “Something for the weekend” (and now "Sunday Brunch", commented on National TV that he fondly remembered his days in Grenfell house! 

The House system is also the main vehicle for the delivery of rewards to those pupils who have behaved and worked their hardest to achieve their very best.  There are a number of short, medium and long term rewards available for boys to receive and there is a clear criterion for eligibility. Achievement points can be earned every lesson and certificates are automatically generated when a certain number of points have been achieved.  These are issued in assemblies and can be placed in progress files. Star of the week nominations are made by form tutors based on behaviour, attendance, punctuality and achievement over the week.  Parents receive a phone call to inform them of the good news and students receive a certificate! Reward trips at the end of terms are based on Behaviour points, attendance, punctuality and the number of behaviour incidents logged is also taken into account.  Our School council is currently making suggestions about suitable rewards so watch this space!