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About the course:

The Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT is a robust new qualification that prepares learners for their choice of University, Level 4 qualifications or employment.

The course is a well-respected qualification and is equivalent to 1 A-Level.

In addition to technical skills and knowledge, IT students will also develop other key abilities such as the ability to  communicate clearly at all levels; to plan and to manage a project; Decision making and problem-solving.

How will it be assessed?

The Level 3 Cambridge Technical is assessed using coursework, internally assessed tasks and formal examinations.

Topics planned for the course commencing 2019

  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Global Information
  • Application Development
  • Internet of Everything
  • Computer Networks

What is expected of you:

  • It is important that students are fully prepared for a large workload and they are self-disciplined to be able to meet deadlines.
  • The course is designed to encourage independent learning and you will need to ensure you are responsible for your own learning.
  • A significant amount of the course will require you to do your own independent research using the internet, and to appropriately present your findings.
  • You will need to be fully aware of what is required from each task in terms of outcomes.
  • You will be given tracking sheets and feedback which will allow you to monitor and track your own progress.

What it prepares you for:

Successful completion of the course will allow access to undergraduate degree programmes, Level 4 qualifications or employability within the IT sector.


Entry Requirements:

You will need to have achieved 5 GCSEs including Maths and English at least grade 4 and a pass grade in IT.

For more information:

If you are an internal applicant, please talk to your ICT teacher about the possibility of studying ICT in the sixth form. Or you may choose to talk to Mr Inman (Senior Lead:Vocational)

If you are an external applicant and would like more details about this course please email