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KS4 Computer Science

The GCSE Computer Science course will be available as an extra-curricular  subject to around 20 of our current Year 10 students and will be run over the next 2 school years, culminating in a final exam in June 2015.

Qualification: GCSE Computer  Science (QCF)
QAN Code: 500/829/17
Level: 2
Exam Board: OCR

The GCSE course is run by the OCR examining board and is split into 3 unit modules:

  • Unit A451 is the final 90-minute written exam pupils will sit in 2015 and is worth 40% of their final grade
  • Unit A452: a research task pupils will complete in the second year of the course (worth 30% of the final grade)
  • Unit A453: the Controlled Assessments or programming tasks that pupils will begin post-Christmas after completing an intense Python programming course (also worth 30% of the final grade).

Course delivery will rely upon pupils attending programming/coding sessions led by Mr McKune and Miss Southwood. These will run each Wednesday after School (3:20 until 4:30-4:45). The sessions are aimed to equip pupils with the required problem solving skills and coding knowledge required in order to successfully undertake the  programming tasks required for the A453: Controlled Assessment unit and will be based upon the Python programming language.

There will also be a requirement for pupils to undertake a large amount of independent study (expectation is at least 2 hours per week); something that will be monitored within school to ensure that pupils are studying the correct course units and submitting the required work within the planned timescales. Pupils will follow the online Cambridge GCSE Computing Syllabus supported by OCR's online MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) which boys will register with upon starting the course. Weekly check-ins with the teaching staff will focus upon supporting pupils as many embark upon their first MOOC.

Tracking of pupils' progression will be both through set homework following coding sessions - these aim to both consolidate and extend the programming skills developed in coding sessions - and through regular lunchtime surgeries to cover the independent study/theory units.

Following successful completion of Unit A453 in the first year, after-school sessions will largely become more theory-based and will cover the units pupils will have been completing as part of their independent study as well as preparing pupils for the research project A452 and their final exam in June.