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The aim of the PE Department is to provide a balanced curriculum of team and individual activities which allows you to:

  • Gain understanding of your own physical ability and to provide experiences which help to promote your character

  • Develop a love of sport and a healthy, active lifestyle

  • Develop leadership skills in lessons

  • Learn from each other in small group contexts

  • Try a variety of activities

  • Be challenged at all levels of ability and develop physical skills as a result

  • Define clear progressions for those wanting to study PE at KS4 and 5 and guidance for those who may seek a career in sport

Group Settings

You are placed in ability bands at the beginning of each year. We believe that this leads to pupils who are more motivated and challenged at the correct level. You can be moved throughout the year if you score highly in assessments. You may be placed in different groups for different activities if you show promise in that area.


Literacy tasks in PE (all years)

Write 500 words on you favourite sports star and how they are inspirational to you.

Research the history of your sport and draw a time line for important events since it’s creation to modern day

Find three controversial things to happen in your sport and how that changed the game (500 words)

Analyse (pros / cons and your opinion) on why your favourite sports team is the best. (500 words)

Write a poem/wrap/chant about your favourite team (keep it clean)

Write a short story with a sporting theme- be creative !

Write a magazine or news blog about a current and recent event in your sport (eg racism in football). Research them well and present several differing opinions.

Write about the importance of the Olympic Games as an event to inspire people to be better and more accepting through sport(500 words)