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Academic Year


Total PP budget


Date of PP review

Total number of pupils


Number of pupils eligible for PP


April 2018


40.06% of students are eligible for PP (includes - FSM Ever6, CIC, Service children and Post CIC)

2. Barriers to future attainment for pupils eligible for PP

High absence rates

Weak literacy/numeracy skills

Behind in year 7 on entry. Not Secondary school ready, academically and/or emotionally

Lack of aspiration and ambition

Limited Home Support and lack of parental engagement

Social, Emotional and communication issues



3.Development Plan


How will this be achieved?

Resource implications

Success Criteria


Quality First Teaching






  • Extra Maths and English staff recruited to create smaller class sizes
  • Invest in ARK Maths mastery  initiative
  • OTI training
  • whole school CPD -back ward planning to ensure challenging targets met, emphasis on FACE/KASH
  • All staff aware of their PP students



Improved P8 scores for PP students



Improved Maths P8 scores for PP students






Improve tracking of PP students in class

QA evidence of Mastery initiative having positive impact both in lessons and books


Regular tests inform of gaps

Use of rag grids-targeting learning to individuals

Reduce absence rates of all disadvantaged students in years 7-11

  • Raise profile of attendance in school through assemblies and corporate approach in form time
  • Track  attendance of PP students
  • Attendance panel meetings
  • Rewards -accolades, bike raffle



Improved attendance of PP students across years 7-11

Attendance tracking

Attendance panel intervention notes

Report to Pupil support governors every term

Accolade winners

Reduce number of year 11 disadvantaged students persistently absent

  • Early target of year 11 PP students who were PA in year 10
  • Parental meetings
  • Home visits
  • Travel support
  • Increase in EWO allocation
  • Recruiting attendance officer to carry out more home visits



Earlier intervention to highlight importance of attendance on progress


Reduction in PA and absence generally of PP students


Improve progress scores

Carried out in September- some improvement

Travel support has resulted in some improvement on last year but still not above PA


Put in more EWO support to knock on doors, particularly of year 11

Catch up provision for Students behind on entry in year 7

  • Enhanced transition to target  individual students effectively
  • Extra Maths mastery during form time for targeted students
  • Accelerated reader initiative including extra sessions for targeted groups
  • Year 7 and 8 study skills



Students to achieve end of year 7 targets in Maths and English






Gradual improvement in progress across the curriculum for PP students

Progress reports






Evaluation of accelerated reader programme in summer term

Improve motivation, ambition and engagement of disadvantaged students

  • Development of STEM activities
  • University trips and outside speakers
  • Careers advice
  • Year 11 -Learning performance workshops/I can mentoring/1:1 mentoring
  • Year 7 and 8 study skills timetabled lesson
  • Regular opportunity for rewards through accolades system
  • Flexible curriculum to meet individual needs



Improved attendance

Less PA of PP students











Improved effort and progress scores



Improved attendance

Report to SLT and governors on Stem successes and students involved

Report from Careers officer regarding plans and students involved to SLT




Exam results August 2018





Improve home-school support for disadvantaged students

  • Revision guides and items of uniform
  • Free breakfast from 8-8.30
  • Ingredients for food technology provided
  • Travel passes where appropriate
  • Year 11 Parent workshops to encourage support for their son's learning.
  • Provision of study skills guide and parental support hints for year 11
  • Payment for educational  trips as appropriate
  • Provide opportunities for Independent study
  • Provide opportunities for revision classes during Easter holidays and Whit holiday.



Improved P8 scores for PP students

Improved attendance


Improved scores for practical assessment.

Greater parental engagement with parents evening















Increased numbers of PP students attending revision




Progress reports-all years and including mocks


Take up of breakfast

Review parental engagement with mentoring initiatives and parents evening












Monitor revision classes attendance

Support emotional wellbeing of PP students

  • Use of nurture provision in green room
  • Use of outside agencies and school counsellor to support students as appropriate
  • Increase in Educational Psychologist time



Improved attendance

Improved outcomes for green room clientele

Increase in number of successful EHCP applications

Report every term to governors pupil support committee

Increase behaviour support

  • Development of Pastoral Hub
  • Flexible curriculum to support individual needs, including alternative off site provision(e.g. WRAP, Cornerstones, Utopia) and on site Academic base with use of TUTE



Reduce fixed term exclusions of PP students

Improved engagement in learning of PP students

Improved attendance

FTE  data





BfL  data


Regular updates regarding students on AP