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Petal 2011/12

Petal was born on 28th May 2011.

Her Mum was called Cassie and her Dad was called Spike.

She was our first puppy at Mosslands and she was an excellent introduction to puppy walking for me.

She was 10 weeks old when she arrived at my house and we spent the summer holiday getting to know one another and introducing her to the School. We learnt together during that first year and it could not have worked out better. She loved coming into work with me.

She also proved to be a champion at tug-of-war. The boys would come down to the office and have competitions with her.

Puppy Petal with ‘Sid’ the Guide Dog Statue at the Floral Pavilion

Petal on Bowling Trip, she managed to get a good score with a little bit of help from the boys.

Petal came back for a visit with trainer Tina and her owner Carol

 When Carol had to go into hospital, Petal came to stay with us for a week, from 5th February 16.  She loved coming into School with Verdi. However there wasn’t any room for my feet under my desk, with the two of them!!