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Revision Timetables

Creating a Revision Timetable

•During year 11, you have a lot to think about and a lot of different things which you have to juggle.
•You should revise independently so that you can close the specific gaps which you have in your knowledge.
•However, because you have to plan your own independent revision, It's easy to forget revision or to only do it in large bursts right before an assessment.
•Planning when and what you are going to revise reduces the number of decisions you need to make every day and will reduce the risks of you not revising or your revision being ineffective because you have left it until the last minute.

Revision Timetable Hints 

•Write in everything you have planned prior to creating your revision timetable. (attending exam readiness sessions, going to the gym, playing sport etc)
•Look at the dates of your upcoming exams & deadlines.
•Not every space needs to be full – leave yourself time to relax too!
•Spread out the subjects, so you are doing regular chunks of revision rather than cramming for a subject the night before the exam.
•Write in the subjects you are going to cover and when.
•Try to be specific around what you will cover each time you sit down and revise – what will the focus be? E.g. Biology – Cell Biology.

Example Timetable 

Creating a Timetable

You can download a range of timetables below. Have look through them and see which one will work best for you.