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Pupils following the ‘M’ pathway will complete the program of study for Key Stage 3 in 2 years, allowing them to begin GCSE studies in Year 9 and increasing their options for study at Key Stage 4.

Pupils following the other pathways all take 3 years to complete the program of study and will be well equipped to pursue Science at Key Stage 4. Those pupils who progress best with additional support with regard to scientific literacy are provided for through pathway ‘C’, with the scheme of work being specifically adapted to their needs.

The new courses at Key Stage 3 are supported with interactive and engaging practical materials, including Exploring Science, GO! Science and Boardworks. These are used alongside in-house materials to provide high quality, personalised learning experiences for all pupils delivered by expert Science staff. Pupils are actively involved in developing their understanding and monitoring their progress against well defined and individually challenging targets.

Pupils currently in Years 8 and 9 follow the legacy program of study from QCA. This is also supported by a wide range of interactive and engaging practical materials, including Catalyst and Boardworks. They are provided with the same excellent level of support from Science staff and are well motivated to succeed, as indicated by recent results in the end of Key Stage SATs examinations.