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Student Voice

How does EVO differ to your previous experience of PE at school?

“I receive lots of feedback from staff on how to improve my performance”

“It is a professional environment where we are treated like adults”

“You receive lots of one-to-one feedback due to the class sizes”

“Staff always have time to answer any questions”

What are your general feelings towards the programme you are on?

“I feel like I am learning useful things every day unlike other courses”

“The programme makes me excited for the future”

“I look forward to both football sessions and education sessions”

Can you give an example of something you receive with EVO which you would not get elsewhere?

“The support from my tutor is the best I have had and staff have lots of time for you”

“A free gym pass”

“Experiencing the different aspects of sport such as the media and performance analysis side”

Any additional comments regarding your experience so far?

“Since starting with EVO, I have gained a lot more confidence”

“I feel like I am constantly learning, whether that be class work or filming”

“Since starting the summer training programme, I have taken my training to another level”


100% of EVO students feel well supported in their learning.

100% of EVO students say the quality of teaching is that of a very good level.

100% of EVO students feel like they have strong relationships with EVO staff.

100% of EVO students say that their tutor provides them with good support.

100% of EVO students would recommend the programme to another young person.