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Summary of Learning

CDI Framework for Careers

Areas of learning

CDI Learning-Outcomes for Students

Section 1: Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education

1. Self-awareness

Describe yourself, your strengths and preferences

2. Self-determination

Be able to focus on the positive aspects of your wellbeing, progress and achievements

3. Self-improvement as a learner

Explain how you are benefiting as a learner from careers, employability and enterprise activities and experiences

Section 2: Learning about careers and the world of work

4. Exploring careers and career development

Describe different explanations of what careers are and how they can be developed

5. Investigating work and working life

Give examples of different kinds of work and why people’s satisfaction with their working lives can change

6. Understanding business and industry

Give examples of different business organisational structure

7. Investigating jobs and labour market information (LMI)

Be aware of what labour market information (LMI) is and how it can be useful to you

8. Valuing equality, diversity and inclusion

Identify how to stand up to stereotyping and discrimination that is damaging to you and those around you

9. Learning about safe working practices and environments

Be aware of the laws and bye-laws relating to young people’s permitted hours and types of employment; and know how to minimise health and safety risks to you and those around you

Section 3: Learning about careers and the world of work

10. Making the most of careers information, advice and guidance

Identify your personal networks of support, including how to access and make the most of impartial face-to-face and digital careers information, advice and guidance services

11. Preparing for employability

Recognise the qualities and skills you have demonstrated both in and out of school that will help to make you employable

12. Showing initiative and enterprise

Recognise when you are using qualities and skills that entrepreneurs demonstrate

13. Developing personal financial capability

Show that you can manage a personal budget and contribute to household and school budgets

14. Identifying choices and opportunities

Know how to identify and systematically explore the options open to you at a decision point

15. Planning and deciding

Know how to make plans and decisions carefully including negotiating with those who can help you get the qualifications, skills and experience you need

16. Handling applications and interviews

Know how to prepare and present yourself well when going through a selection process

17. Managing changes and transitions

Show that you can be positive, flexible and well-prepared at transition points in your life