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The 5 Rs

We promote a dedicated focus upon understanding our learning by ensuring that we all follow the 5 Rs, with a focus on one particular R each week. 

Students are rewarded for engaging in the 5 R’s.  These involve being Resourceful, Resilient Responsible, Reflective and Reasoning learners.


  • I can remain focused and on task;
  • I can set targets and I am able to practise;
  • I have a positive attitude;
  • I find interst in what I am doing;
  • I am a resilient learner


  • I can work well in a team;
  • I plan ahead;
  • I get on with the task;
  • I know right from wrong;
  • I am a responsible learner


  • I choose the best method
  • I can say which is better and why
  • I can gather all the evidence
  • I take time to do things properly
  • I am a learner able to reason


  • I learn in different ways
  • I use my imagination
  • I take risks
  • I ask good questions
  • I am a resourceful learner


  • I learn from my mistakes
  • I listen to different opinions
  • I ask why
  • I stay calm
  • I am a reflective learner