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WORD-Well Vision

Effectively addressing barriers to learning is one of our key school priorities. Through our WORD-Well Vision, we hope to tackle one of these significant barriers to higher academic achievement in our school, literacy. 

What is our WORD-Well Vision?

The Mosslands' WORD-Well vision is a commitment to improving literacy, and therefore outcomes, for our students.

With literacy at its core, we chose to use WORD as an acronym to represent three pillars of literacy: 

  • Writing
  • Oracy, and 
  • Reading Development

The use of word shifts the attention from literacy - with any negative connotations of low prior attainment - to understanding, and being able to use, more words! The addition of ‘well’ links to wellbeing as the research states that students who leave school without good literacy skills are held back at every stage of their life.

Our goal:

At The Mosslands School, all students will...

  • have a reading age equivalent to, or above,  their chronological age
  • understand and use a range of key vocabulary in their written work
  • be encouraged to develop their academic language in order to speak with accuracy and confidence